How to Connect with Your Intuition (Third Eye Chakra)

Updated: Mar 6

Your intuition is the inner knowing we all have within us. You may have known who was calling before you checked your phone or had this urge to go and talk to someone and found out you had this amazing connection with them or knew they same people. You may find you know what someone is going to say before they say it. You are able to see patterns and understanding cause and affect. Our intuition guides us all the time with almost a six sense and one of the best ways to connect with your intuition is to open your third eye chakra. You maybe asking yourself, "What is a chakra?"

The chakras were first discovered in India thousands of years ago. The word chakra in Sanskrit essentially means “spinning disc”. Chakras are energy wheels within your body. There are seven main chakras: root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus charka, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. They are separate yet connected to the physical and energetic body. These spinning discs support and process energy that flow through you.