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My mission is to help light people’s light and let them shine to the world. That can mean helping people communicate openly, be an authentic leader, strengthen their intuition, release self-doubt, fear, or going after one’s dreams. For all aspects I am here to bring a new way of thinking to open up people’s consciousness and become more self-aware to live life to its fullest and free from the burdens of the external world that tries to bring us down.


Meghan Walsh

Meghan has always known that she wanted to help and support people. Being a humanitarian by volunteering and giving back to the community in various ways over the years has breathed life and joy into her being. She wanted to help change people’s lives and give them a light in the darkness. She is a certified Positive Psychology Practitioner with over 15 years experience working with women leaders and has bridged this experience with teachings from shamanism, druidism and energy healing to help people step into their own light. By providing resources and tools for people to shed what is holding them back and truly become who they were always meant to be.   

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The Beginning of Fearless Lotus

beautiful lotus flower is complimented b

The lotus flower is unique in nature because it must struggle through adversity from the deep muddy waters to bloom. In many cultures and religions it is considered a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. The lotus flower submerges each night into the murky waters below only to rebloom the next day untouched by the gritty waters.  The cycle of the lotus flower mirrors our own journey as we are constantly challenged by external factors and as we overcome each obstacle, we also rebloom into a new version of ourselves.

"We grow from our adversity and challenges to step into our own light."

The chakras that we each have inside of ourselves have the symbol of the lotus flower. Each chakra is an energetic wheel that controls various aspects of our life. When our chakras are aligned and open we become in-tuned and embody our energetic self. We become who we are truly meant to be when we release fear and accept love into our hearts.

To overcome adversity and triumph over our challenges, we need to be “Fearless”. This can be scary because as we grow, we must embark into unknown territory.  As we fill our self with love instead of fear, we have the courage to face our fears and truly step into into our own light. We couple the lotus flower with being fearless. Something that we all need to do to grow and take steps into the unknown. We move forward with love in our hearts and with that love, we can no longer hold fear.

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