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Grow with Fearless Lotus


Walking with you on your path

I believe in being divinely guided on your path. We might not know how we are going to get to our goals but we find people who help us along the way.


My goal is to light people’s light and let them shine to the world.


That can mean helping people to

  • Overcome self doubt and step into their confidence

  • Finding their purpose to have a more meaningful career

  • Cultivating heart-centred leadership

  • Developing practices to create sustainable motivation to go after your dreams

  • Releasing blockages and re-aligning your energy to have more energy, vitality and flow in your life


For all aspects I am here to bring a new way of thinking to open up people’s consciousness and become more self-aware to live life to its fullest and free from the burdens of the external world that tries to bring us down.

Shine your light

Thank you for checking out Fearless Lotus!

My name is Meghan Walsh
and I am a Positive Psychology Practitioner

My goal is to assist you in making long-lasting changes in your life. I use a variety of tools and modalities to help you transform your life.


Whether you are looking for coaching to find your purpose to create a more meaningful career change, wanting to get unstuck from lack of motivation, or build your confidence to lead from a place of authenticity.


Together, we can work together to create the life you've always wanted.





Discover my services

Sunrise on Nature

Energy Healing

Are you feeling stressed, tired, or emotionally drained?

By clearing energetic blocks in our body and realigning the energy systems, we can restore and harmonize your natural energy flow. 

Finding your Purpose

Looking for a new and meaningful career shift?

Find your purpose and drive to create the necessary shifts to have a more fulfilling career that lights you up.

Holistic Life Coaching

Are you looking to build confidence, strengthen your relationships, or change directions in life but don't know where to start?

Using a variety of modalities we can work together for you to achieve your dreams.

How is your motivation?

In the current climate it can be hard to stay motivated and focused on our goals. Each day can feel like the last, which can be draining and lead to stress, becoming overwhelmed, or lacking direction. Our lack of motivation can start to hold us back from achieving amazing possibilities. You have the power to create anything in your life.


Download this free Motivation Worksheet to get you back on track to achieving your dreams!

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