How to Rethink Manifestation and Achieve your Goals Faster

Updated: Mar 6

There have been a lot of blog posts, podcasts, and courses on manifestation. The themes are very similar, which they sound simple in theory but can start to become complicated in practice. Manifestation is essentially aligning your thoughts and emotions with the Law of Attraction. You set a clear intention and using your high of positive thoughts to bring it into fruition. If this is the case, then why do so many people have a hard time trying to manifest what they want? There are a couple of reasons for this reoccurring problem. Let’s look at the six steps for manifesting and explore the potential blockers that might get in your way!

1. Setting your intention

Most people think this is the easy part. I take a look at the materialistic things I want and boom! Here it comes. This can work for some people but for the majority of people, this brings up a couple of blockers. When we set an intention, we unconsciously set limitations around what we are trying to manifest. For example, if I want to manifest a boat and I don’t get it, then I am going to think manifestation is not real or does not work for me.

Firstly, we need to understand why we want to manifest the boat. What is it about the boat that I want? What is the emotion behind the boat that I want to manifest? Most of the time when we set an intention to manifest, it is because we want to acquire something or experience a specific situation. I am also guilty of this because I have tried to focus on one specific and perfect scenario to happen. This can lead most of the time to disappointment. Instead, set your intention on the emotion you want to elicit. In your heart of hearts, what emotion or quality you want more of in your life?

If it’s something external or materialistic, ask yourself why you want that specific thing in your life? Dig deep on your intention because usually there is a reason why we want something. What will this give you internally? What is the underlying emotion that this external item is that you want to have in your life? For example, what is the boat going to give you in your life?

2. Open to Receive

One of the first things that are essential for manifesting is being open to receive. A lot of blogs and courses touch on this but they do not go into depth on this subject. You need self-love to be able to receive abundance from the universe. A lot of us assume we have self-love but in fact, we don’t. We hide under shame, guilt and worst of all, the feeling that we are not worthy of self-love. If this is something that you need to work on, read more about opening the heart chakra. The heart chakra is about receiving and giving love. Your heart needs to be open to receive or you can try to manifest until you are blue in the face but if you do not think you are worthy of it, than it will not happen. The channels need to be open to receive.

3. Letting go of expectations

One of the main parts to manifesting is letting go of the expectations. We talked about this in setting our expectations but it is worth repeating. One of the biggest blockers within manifesting is limiting our own realm on what manifesting should look like than being open to receive from the universe. These themes really do flow and play into one another. When you let go of your expectations, you can start to see what the universe is trying to give to you. It may not look exactly how you expected it from the universe. In some cases, it might be better than you had imagined. The point is you may never know if you are only focusing on this narrow focus and setting your expectations up to fail. When you release your expectations, you can start to appreciate the little things that come your way and you will start to receive more of it.

At the beginning of the blog, I mentioned manifesting is essentially aligning with the “Law of Attraction” to bring in abundance within your life through the universe. This is true, however there is another law that is less well known called, the “Law of Opposites”. This law does the exact opposite of what you want from the “Law of Attraction”. This is a tricky law and can block you when you are trying to manifest. Sometimes, we want something so badly, we won’t let it go and because of that, it repels from us. You may have heard stories about couples trying to get pregnant and after they adopt, they end up being able to conceive naturally. This is because the pressure to conceive and the expectations along with it have been removed from the situation. This is another reason why after you set your intention, you release it back into the universe and therefore, release the pressure caused by expectations.

4. Creating your future