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How to Choose Your Crystals to Enhance Abilities and Open Consciousness

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Crystals are very powerful allies that can help you expand consciousness, open chakras and focus on the areas within yourself that need help and support.

The first thing to understand about crystals is that they are energetic beings. A life force within each crystal holds vibrations, energy and a consciousness of great wisdom. This will help you to choose your crystals because when you are open to your intuition, certain crystals will naturally draw your intention and you will be drawn to them. Our bodies and mind when they work together will start to be drawn to the subtle energies but first we need to be open and aware.

The best way to choose your crystals is to go to a local metaphysical store that sells them. It is easier to be drawn to crystals if you are able to be in the same room as them. If you are an empath or clairsentient, sometimes this can be challenging because you are more susceptible to the energies fields and can feel energy and emotions more easily.

I am one of these individuals and as much as I love being in these stores because I feel the energies on such a high vibration, the energies can start to become overwhelming. If you prefer to shop for your crystals online or are unable to go a physical location then I have also added some guidelines to help you shop online.

1. Grounding