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How to Choose Your Crystals to Enhance Abilities and Open Consciousness

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Crystals are very powerful allies that can help you expand consciousness, open chakras and focus on the areas within yourself that need help and support.

The first thing to understand about crystals is that they are energetic beings. A life force within each crystal holds vibrations, energy and a consciousness of great wisdom. This will help you to choose your crystals because when you are open to your intuition, certain crystals will naturally draw your intention and you will be drawn to them. Our bodies and mind when they work together will start to be drawn to the subtle energies but first we need to be open and aware.

The best way to choose your crystals is to go to a local metaphysical store that sells them. It is easier to be drawn to crystals if you are able to be in the same room as them. If you are an empath or clairsentient, sometimes this can be challenging because you are more susceptible to the energies fields and can feel energy and emotions more easily.

I am one of these individuals and as much as I love being in these stores because I feel the energies on such a high vibration, the energies can start to become overwhelming. If you prefer to shop for your crystals online or are unable to go a physical location then I have also added some guidelines to help you shop online.

1. Grounding

First thing to do before you enter the store is to ground yourself. This will help for you to focus on what you want to achieve and be able to feel those energies calling to you that you really need.

To ground yourself, close your eyes and start to feel your body get heavier. I want you to visualize that your feet are roots and they are going down into the centre of the Earth. You are becoming one with the centre of the Earth. I want you to feel the soil within your roots and once you feel ready and grounded. This only takes a few minutes. This is also a good practice to use even if you are going to be buying your crystals online because it will help you to focus while shopping.

2. Intention

The next thing I want you to focus on is your intention. What are you looking for? I would caution to be more open and vague about your intention because sometimes you will intuitively choose a crystal you didn’t even know you needed. If you are not going to a physical location, still set your intention and you can go on to a metaphysical website to view crystals.

Your intention could be broad such as, “Please direct me to the crystals that will help me to grow for my higher good.” I’ll give you an example why having your higher-self pick crystals for you can be very beneficial.

I was in a metaphysical store and was drawn to this crystal called Rhodochrosite. There was nothing in particular that I needed it for but bought it anyway. I didn’t use it or meditated with the crystal for a month. Then one day during the Coronavirus outbreak, I woke up feeling angry and frustrated. I knew part of this had to do with the new moon in Aries. It is a fiery sign that can affect your emotions, especially if you are an empath. More on that if you are interested to learn about Moonology. However, I couldn’t get out of this mood and everything enraged me. I opened my drawer where I keep my crystals and found the Rhodochrosite had fallen into a box by itself. I actually forgot I had bought it.

I took this as a sign to meditate with this crystal. Slowly as I started to meditate, the anger started to recede. In that moment, I realized I was afraid of abandonment and I had to let go of this emotional fear. I cannot control other people or their actions; I can only control how I react to others and situations. This is what defines us in life.

This crystal gave me the love and peace I needed in that moment to be centred. I went back to my list of crystals and read the properties of Rhodochrosite, “A stone of love and balance on all levels of the body; healer of emotional wounds. Connects the elements of water and fire, cooling emotional heat. Aids in self-love and encourages one to take action on heart knowledge.” The crystal had done exactly what I needed in that moment, even though. I didn’t know I would need it a month earlier.

3. Feel the energies

As you enter the store start to become more aware of subtle energies within the room. Become aware of the noises you hear, the feelings and emotions you are having. Try to expand your consciousness so it becomes easier to pick up these delicate energies even if you are not an empath or clairsentient. Start walking through the store with an open mind and start to look at the different crystals. Pick them up and close your eyes and see if you can feel their energy in your hand. Notice if your mood or emotion changes as you hold it.

Once you have honed into certain crystals that have caught your attention, you might ask, “Well, there is a bowl full of the same crystals. How do I know which one is the right one for me?” In my experience, usually the first one you pick up is the one that is calling to you. I have done this many times where I pick up one and then start second guessing myself. Most of the time I go back to the first crystal I chose.

4. Online Shopping

For online shopping, you will also be drawn to certain crystals even if they are not physically in front of you. I do find this harder but you will find certain crystals where you can’t stop looking at them or thinking about them. You may also look at a crystal that peaks your interest. Look for the subtle hints of your consciousness directing you. That is usually a good sign that this crystal is the one for you. You can also ask your intuition or higher self to give you a sign that this is the correct crystal for you.

When you are online shopping for crystals, it can be difficult to know if they are real or fake. Usually, if they are coming from a metaphysical store that you trust, they will have done their homework on the different types of crystals. I would recommend Ebay with users that have 100% ratings or those if they are not completely 100% as long as the ratings don’t involve reviews on fake crystals. If you would like to learn more about genuine crystals and how to decipher if they are real, this book really helped me, “Gems of Wisdom, Gems of Power: A Practical Guide to How Gemstones, Minerals and Crystals Can Enhance Your Life" by Teresa Kennedy.

5. Metaphysical Properties

Before you purchase your crystals, check to see what their unique energetic properties are. In a metaphysical store they will either give you a piece of paper with the properties of that crystal or have it posted with the crystals and you can take a photo with the information. I would strongly suggest taking a photo for environmental reasons and also because you think you will remember the name and its properties but speaking from experience, take the photo.

6. Clearing Crystals

When you get home ensure to clear the energy of your crystals before use. Crystals can pick up different energies as they go. It is best practice to clear them before using them for any meditation or wearing them as jewellery. How do you clear their energy? Below are a few ways to make it easy for you.

There are many ways to clear the energy. My favourite is using a miniature singing bowl. You can get these on Amazon and they are quite reasonable compared to the large ones that are out there. You can also have them sit in salt water for a couple of hours or run them under water with the intention of clearing them for a few minutes. I would caution you to understand the components of your crystal before using any water method because there are lots of crystals that cannot mix with water or can be toxic to do so. There is also the option of using sage smudging. Place the crystal over the sage smoke to clear out the energy.

7. Charging Crystals

Lastly, you have the option to charge your crystal. There are different schools of thought on this process. Some say you do not need to charge your crystals. I am more of this mind because crystals will always have their own energy and I have not seen any difference charging them or not. If you would like to try for yourself you can either leave your crystals out in the sun for several hours or bath them in the light of a full moon overnight.

Crystals are powerful allies that can assist you in opening your consciousness; healing emotional wounds that you might not even know you have or help you grow your soul. By using the methods above, you will find the crystals that will assist you the most to grow. Crystals can help you and want to help you. When you feel them calling to you, walk towards them and treat them like a friend.

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